Get Removals™ is a professional service provider dealing with a wide range of property removal and goods delivery services, available to private and business customers nationwide. We aim to provide a well-structured, comprehensive solution which covers all aspects of the removal or delivery process thus saving customers time and money. We have the technical capacity, expertise and necessary manpower to organise and complete all stages of any relocation or goods delivery service within the allocated time and budget.

    We provide large number of professional delivery and removal services in London

    Moving VanNo matter how basic or elaborate the service requirements we have a suitable, cost effective solution. Furthermore, our services can be adjusted as per individual customer needs, or made to include one or more of our handy additional options.

    • All types of residential removals, including flats and one bedrooms;
    • All types of commercial property relocations (office, branch, establishments);
    • Removal of single items, odd/bulky objects like appliances and standalone furniture;
    • Safe relocation of high value items like music instruments, artwork, antiques etc.
    • Pickup and drop off of internet order items and large store purchases (furniture delivery);
    • Delivery of household and office supplies (one off & regular);
    • Business 2 business & business 2 customer deliveries (one off & fixed schedule);

    In addition to our main service range, private and business customers can request one or more of our handy additional options such as:

    • professional cleaning treatments (including end of tenancy);
    • specialised packing or delivery of packing materials (crate hire also available);
    • affordable short and long term storage solutions with our self-storage partners;
    • licensed domestic and commercial rubbish removals (regular service also available);

    Reliable and efficient property removals in London

    In order to provide our customers with reliable and efficient removals and deliveries we employ professional moving teams consisting of qualified drivers and experienced porters able to deal properly with all stages of the service from prep work to final touches.

    Quick and safe transportation of items from A to B is made possible by a fleet of purpose-built removal vehicles. Our mover vans are clean, well maintained and stocked with all necessary equipment and materials for a swift and safe removal process. All vehicles tracked in real time through GPS.

    Affordability of our professional moving services in London is guaranteed

    Besides high quality work and punctuality, we also focus on service affordability. With us customers always receive the best possible pricing given the circumstances. In order to meet individual budget requirements we prepare custom tailored quotes and on which we base our competitive prices. Accurate price estimates can also be obtained through free of charge job viewings and onsite quotations.

    Professional moving solutions in London delivered with a smile

    Customer satisfaction and adequate support are very important to us. We employ attentive and courteous consultants who assist customers with relevant and accurate information, solving various problems relating to the service, and of course general queries. Customer assistance is available by phone or email seven days a week.

    An established service provider who is with you every step of the way

    LondonGet Removals™ is an established removal company with sufficient industry experience in all aspects of professional removal and delivery solutions. With us customers receive excellent value for money and much needed peace of mind. The company is able to organise for bespoke relocation and delivery services without excess cost. We also specialise in fixed schedule deliveries – a handy solution for many commercial entities and establishments who require punctual and reliable supply of materials and equipment. The company holds all required licensing, registration and insurance. We work in accordance to applicable safety and environmental regulations.

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    We are a moving business, based in London and have been working in the removal industry for over a decade. Our team specialises in handling both general and custom removal solutions to private customers, businesses and organisations. Dedication, hard work and professionalism are key points of our services.