Storage Tips to Follow When Moving

| Madalynn Irwin

When planning your home move, you have probably noticed that a number of domestic removal companies in London offer storage solutions for their clients. If you are not familiar with the advantages that a storage facility can offer when moving house or if you simply do not know how to choose the right storage room for your needs, there are a few basic things you will need need to learn.

When storage is a good idea

Placing your items and furniture in a storage unit is not a must when moving to a new property. However, there are certain cases in which this option will make your move less stressful and more convenient. For instance, if there is a big gap between moving in and moving out dates, hiring a storage room is often the only solution you have. Similar is the situation if you are busy with the paperwork that comes with every household move and you cannot afford to waste time on unpacking and arranging furniture and possessions in your new home. For those, planning a business or an office move, storage can come in handy if you need extra time to organize files, folders or even cabling.

Not all things can be send to a storage facility

Storage facilities accept various kinds of items – from clothes, domestic appliances and furniture to electronics, antiques and even entire vehicles. Still, there are some things you will not be allowed to keep there. In most of the cases, those are objects that are dangerous, illegal or… alive. Some of these examples include:

  • Dangerous materials of any kind (toxic paint, chemicals, motor oil, etc.)
  • Weapons and explosives (guns, fireworks, ammunition or bombs)
  • Humans or animals (dead or alive)
  • Food, since it can attract pests
  • Illegal items like prohibited drugs or stolen property
  • Vehicles that are not registered

Picking the right storage room

Storage facilityStorage units come in various sizes, so you will need to determine which one will best suit your needs. To do that, make a list of all of the items you want to keep there and try to estimate their proportions. If don’t want to deal with such a time-consuming task, simply ask your removals firm or the professionals at the storage facility to help you with that. Don’t worry if you want to have only a few boxes moved to the unit or your entire home inventory, since storage rooms’ size vary from that of a cupboard and to that of a big garage. Still, reserve your unit at least one month in advance. Looking for a suitable storage solution in the very last minute will make your relocation experience even more stressful.

Last, but not least, consider whether you will need a special kind of unit. For example, if you are planning to keep documentation, fine art, sensitive electronics or photos in it, make sure you ask for a temperature-controlled room. Also, decide early whether you are going to need a short- or a long-term storage, because that will help you to better calculate your moving costs.